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AK ID ECHO: HCV Reinfection vs Treatment Failure on Tuesday, Aug. 9

August 4th, 2022 by Jennifer Williamson

Alaska Infectious Disease ECHO aims to increase Tribal healthcare providers’ knowledge about prevention strategies, screening, diagnosing, treatment and management of HCV, HIV, PrEP and common STIs. Each session begins with a didactic presentation followed by a case presentation for treatment input by the consulting team that includes hepatologists, a pharmacist and infectious disease specialists.

Call for Cases – Do you or your team have an HCV, HIV, PrEP, or STI patient case or question? We invite you to receive recommendations from the ECHO team of specialists during an upcoming session.

Upcoming sessions:

  • Sept 13: Hepatitis B Screening and Lab Interpretation
  • Oct 11: Drug Interaction Considerations with Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy
  • Nov 8: STI EPI Update
  • Dec 18: HIV Update

Visit to view recorded didactics.

 Questions for the AK ID ECHO team? Email