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Announcing the annual compliance training early bird winners; training deadline is Aug. 31

August 4th, 2022 by Cynthia Puig

Thank you to the 1,397 employees who completed their mandatory annual compliance training by July 31! Those employees represent 55% of our workforce required to take the training and were all eligible for the early bird drawing for a $50 Moose’s Tooth gift card.

The mandatory annual training contains crucial information that employees need to know to keep themselves, their coworkers, and our patients safe. It is also required by regulatory agencies and important for staff to take it seriously because doing so keeps our organization compliant.

Access to HealthStream is available through the shortcuts icons on the Hub or 24/7 from any computer: You do not have to have network access to log in to HealthStream.

For employees who have not yet completed the training, the deadline to complete all assigned mandatory training is August 31. On September 1, any employees who are out of compliance will have their badge deactivated. 

The following employees completed the mandatory training by July 31 and were randomly selected in a drawing. HR will be reaching out and sending your Moose’s Tooth gift card shortly:

  • Norman Alexie, Project Support and Improvement, Construction Materials Technician II
  • Brian Berube, Community Environment and Health, Program Manager III
  • Pauline McClennaham, Emergency Department, Emergency Department Medical Clerk
  • Lucia Grauman Neander, Behavioral Health, Clinical Psychologist Supervisor
  • Andres Benitez Ospina, Engineering, Civil Engineer II

Thank you to all of our staff for taking the time to complete this important training.

Contact Human Resources at 729-1301 for any issues regarding the completion of this training.