PPE operational level continues to be GREEN/conventional: no more extended wear

Masking continues to be required in patient care areas.

Please review the PPE Hazard Assessment for COVID-19 (updated 4/6/22) for the appropriate PPE for patient care.

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ANTHC policies update: Bereavement and Performance Assessment

March 29th, 2021 by Fiona Brosnan

The Bereavement and Performance Assessment Policies have been recently updated. The policy updates do not change the actual benefit or policy but rather provide clarity to the old policies. 

  • Bereavement Policy: language was added to clarify the amount of time allowed to be taken off in a standard workweek, to a maximum of 40 hours. The eligibility language was also clarified and simplified on which family members allow an employee to utilize bereavement leave.
  • Performance Appraisal Policy : Clarification on the date of hire for required performance evaluations, the amount of work hours required by our intermittent staff to require a performance evaluation, and who conducts the performance evaluation for employees who have a manager change or transfer to a new department was added.

The policies are now available on MediRegs (best used in Chrome or Edge browsers) and should replace any previous policies you may have printed or posted in your department. If you have questions regarding the policy updates, please discuss with your supervisor or contact Human Resources at 907-729-1301.