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Burn and Soft Tissue ECHO session: Delayed Burn Care: What to do in Austere Environments

February 19th, 2020 by Viola Samson

Burn and Soft Tissue ECHO session: Delayed Burn Care: What to do in Austere Environments on Wednesday, Feb. 26 from noon to 1 p.m.

Elisha Brownson, MD will provide a short didactic on Delayed Burn Care: What to do in Austere Environments. A case presentation and discussion will follow the didactic.

Burn and soft tissue care involves thermal injuries. Care for burn injured patients is often provided by a multi-disciplinary team, which may include surgical care, nursing care, psychosocial support, and pain management. Burn injuries may require long-term management of wound care, pain, scarring, and physical/occupational therapy.

In Alaska, burn injuries are cared for in many clinics, emergency departments, and hospitals. Due to the critical nature of some severe burn injuries, they may require transfer to a state or regional trauma/burn center. Appropriate and timely care for these severe burn injuries are critical to survival and good outcomes.

This ECHO facilitates a multidisciplinary approach to burn and soft tissue injury management through shared learning between primary care providers and interdisciplinary specialists that support patients across Alaska. This ECHO supports an environment of group learning and best practice with the goal of improving outcomes for patients with burn or soft tissue injuries.

Please follow this link to the one-time registration page.

To connect by Vidyo (choose one):

  1. From within Vidyo, click on ECHO-Burn and Soft Tissue in the address book, the select “Connect to ECHO-Burn and Soft Tissue”
  2. From your desktop, click on the following link to join as a guest:
  3. To participate by phone: Call toll free: 1(844)225-7516, press 1 to join a conference and then enter 101111201#.

Or to participate in person: ANMC Hospital Conference Room 3

For technical questions or to test in advance, call (907) 729-2260; For technical issues at the time of the session only, call (907) 317-5209.

For more information on the Burn and Soft Tissue ECHO: