PPE operational level continues to be GREEN/conventional: no more extended wear

Masking is required in all buildings on campus.

Please review the PPE Hazard Assessment for COVID-19 (updated 4/6/22) for the appropriate PPE for patient care.

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January is National Blood Donor Month

January 4th, 2022 by Chelsea Wells

As employees at Alaska’s longtime Level II Trauma Center, we all appreciate and recognize the importance of lifesaving blood. January is National Blood Donor Month to encourage donors to give or pledge to give blood. While our quarterly blood drives on campus have been unable to happen as a safety precaution, we encourage staff to find a donation center and still give this life saving gift.

Blood is traditionally in short supply during the winter months, especially January, due to holidays, travel schedules, inclement weather and illness. A reduction in turnout can put our nation’s blood inventory at a critical low.

How to give blood in Alaska: