PPE operational level continues to be GREEN/conventional: no more extended wear

Masking is required in all buildings on campus.

Please review the PPE Hazard Assessment for COVID-19 (updated 4/6/22) for the appropriate PPE for patient care.

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myHero Most Liked Raves

May 18th, 2022 by Chelsea Wells

myHero is an electronic employee recognition tool to help employees recognize their colleagues from across campus who are exemplifying our behavior expectations in big and small ways. It allows staff to recognize their peers for being great coworkers, going above and beyond, and recognizing a job well done. They also show up in the Performance Appraisal tool in myHR! myHero is located in the myHR portal.

Research shows that peer recognition can set a positive attitude for company culture, and remind entire departments in the company of what their goals are, and what the team is working towards. Most importantly, peer recognition in high-performing teams can strengthen the bonds between colleagues.

A note sent in myHero, called a rave, will also be shared in employee communications to highlight great work being done across our organization while reflecting our behavior standards and values.

How to submit a myHero rave:

To send a rave to an employee for a job well done, visit myHR, click on the myHero icon, and send a rave note. The rave is then sent to the employee, their supervisor, and your supervisor. It’s a great way to recognize coworkers for various behaviors and show how much you appreciate the work they do for our organization.

Submit or receive a rave and you may see it in various employee communication publications across the organization as we recognize jobs well done by our staff across ANTHC.

Align your recognition with ANTHC behaviors but do not just focus on the business goals, focus on recognizing your peers for their work and countless contributions, both big and small!

  • Accountability: We accept our role in making responsible and sustainable decisions for our team, time, funding and property.
  • Communication: We respectfully and ethically interact with each other and those we serve and communicate to share information.
  • Professionalism: We take pride in our work and act as role models for others.
  • Quality: We strive to deliver outstanding performance in every aspect of our work.
  • Respect: We recognize the value in other people and treat each other with compassion.
  • Teamwork: We include others and utilize collective knowledge, talents and efforts to advance ANTHC’s vision.

When you submit a “Rave,” please be respectful of patient privacy.  No PHI or individual patient references should be included.  This includes references that include room numbers, dates of service, dates of death, descriptions of the patient’s diagnosis, injury, or condition, or other language that describes a patient. 

This week’s challenge is to recognize someone for practicing outstanding communication.

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.”-James Humes

  • Professionalism
    • Thank you, Krisha, for attending our meeting this morning and answering our HR Benefits questions! We truly appreciate all the work you and your small, but mighty team do for all of ANTHC. Thank you once again for your patience, honesty, communication, respect, and professionalism you displayed while meeting with us. To Krisha in Human Resources
  • Quality
    • I have entered Raves for Hollie recently but felt it important to send another! Words cant express how much I appreciate her help. Hollie added 2 new components to our Employee Health dashboard. For the first time I feel we have a tool in place to help us drive improvements in compliance. She also worked to provide us with important COVID19 vaccine data, required for reporting to CMS. This data was submitted ahead of the deadline. We would not have met that goal without all of the efforts by Hollie. She too helped us automate our employee influenza vaccine data and reporting. I can always count on Hollie to quickly respond to texts and emails. She is my vote for next employee of the year!! Thanks Hollie for all that you do to support our team! You are AWESOME! To Holly in the Strategy and Innovation Office.
    • Your dedication to your work is outstanding. To Vivian in Hospital Administration.
    • Yesterday a serious error occurred in the ERP stopping critical business processes from happening. Rachel brought her expertise to bare immediately to help resolve. Support was unable to assist till 3am AKST and a call was setup to resolve. Rachel was there also to provide direction in the resolution. Resolution was achieved because of her professionalism and commitment to the organization success. I have a great appreciation of her efforts and commitment to the business of ANTHC. Outstanding Performer! To Rachel and Krisha in Human Resources.
  • Respect
    • Anna has been such a blessing, in terms of her empathy and compassion. I have been going through a tough time with personal things at home and Anna’s understanding has taken a lot of burden of my shoulders. She goes above and beyond what any manager I have had in the past has done in terms of making sure the well-being of her employees is put first. Anna is a stellar leader and an even better human being. To Anna in Finance.
  • Teamwork:
    • Taneisha is very responsive and helpful whenever I have needed her assistance or expertise to resolve an issue. Not only is she approachable and friendly but I find that she is always willing to help and will do her best to resolve safety issues brought to her attention. It really is nice to be able to count on someone to take care of situations when we ourselves are juggling multiple tasks. To Taneisha in Safety and Environmental Management.
    • Phaidra is a great nurse to have in our clinic! She is so helpful to our patients and goes above and beyond to make sure all their needs are met. She is my go to nurse when I have questions or need assistance with difficult situations. Thank you Phaidra for all you do to help our patients! To Phaidra in Internal Medicine Outpatient.
    • This morning I had a patient who had traveled to Juneau for orthopedic care. My plan at the end of the visit was to provide the patient with an ultrasound guided shoulder joint injection. The only provider who had the unique skill set to do this injection, Vance Felton, had a fully booked schedule. He nevertheless agreed to take care of the patient, during his lunch hour, to help the patient avoid an additional trip to Anchorage for care. Thank you Vance! Your commitment to access and patient convenience is remarkable! To Vance in Orthopedics.