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myHero Most Liked Raves

September 16th, 2022 by Chelsea Wells

myHero is an electronic employee recognition tool to help employees recognize their colleagues from across campus who are exemplifying our behavior expectations in big and small ways. It allows staff to recognize their peers for being great coworkers, going above and beyond, and recognizing a job well done. They also show up in the Performance Appraisal tool in myHR! myHero is located in the myHR portal.

Research shows that peer recognition can set a positive attitude for company culture, and remind entire departments in the company of what their goals are, and what the team is working towards. Most importantly, peer recognition in high-performing teams can strengthen the bonds between colleagues.

A note sent in myHero, called a rave, will also be shared in employee communications to highlight great work being done across our organization while reflecting our behavior standards and values.

How to submit a myHero rave:

To send a rave to an employee for a job well done, visit myHR, click on the myHero icon, and send a rave note. The rave is then sent to the employee, their supervisor, and your supervisor. It’s a great way to recognize coworkers for various behaviors and show how much you appreciate the work they do for our organization.

Submit or receive a rave and you may see it in various employee communication publications across the organization as we recognize jobs well done by our staff across ANTHC.

Align your recognition with ANTHC behaviors but do not just focus on the business goals, focus on recognizing your peers for their work and countless contributions, both big and small!

  • Accountability: We accept our role in making responsible and sustainable decisions for our team, time, funding and property.
  • Communication: We respectfully and ethically interact with each other and those we serve and communicate to share information.
  • Professionalism: We take pride in our work and act as role models for others.
  • Quality: We strive to deliver outstanding performance in every aspect of our work.
  • Respect: We recognize the value in other people and treat each other with compassion.
  • Teamwork: We include others and utilize collective knowledge, talents and efforts to advance ANTHC’s vision.

When you submit a “Rave,” please be respectful of patient privacy.  No PHI or individual patient references should be included.  This includes references that include room numbers, dates of service, dates of death, descriptions of the patient’s diagnosis, injury, or condition, or other language that describes a patient. 

Don’t know what to say? Here are the most liked raves from the past two weeks for inspiration.

  • Professionalism
    • On August 11, 2022, Rebecca was Charge Nurse in Emergency Department. In the afternoon, we had many ambulances and a few traumas. Rebecca remained calm and is a terrific charge nurse. The charge nurse is important for the flow of the ED. She makes critical decisions and assigns nurses and duties with professionalism and is a great leader in our Department. I know it will be enjoyable day when she is our Charge Nurse even when it can be stressful at some times. I love working with her. To Rebecca in the Emergency Department.
    • I just wanted to say thank you for scoring so high on your outpatient satisfaction question “I would recommend this provider.” You scored the second highest in all of General Surgery for January through June 2022. This is often seen as a measure that is not indicative of quality care, but how you make our patients feel is very important. It’s much easier to receive news, sometimes bad news, from someone that is personable, likable, and respectful of you. Again, thank you for being a fantastic example of someone that patients recommend. To Rebecca in General Surgery.
  • Quality
    • SCO has been really taxing on the recruitment department especially first and foremost Amayris. She has worked very hard to make the offers timely and equitable to new and current employees, taking new roles in the organization. I sincerely appreciate her AMAZING attitude. She is always positive, kind, funny and helpful. if you don’t know what department in HR to go to, she works as a liaison to get the departments the help they need.
    • Sometimes our systems and processes and be complicated and confusing. I asked Annette for help with figuring out how to get travel approved and she went above and beyond to help me. I called her out of the blue as someone who is fairly new to her, and she was helpful in listening to my issues and helping me solve them. Her can-do attitude really made the difference in the Immunization’s Department being able to meet the expectations and deadlines for our grant. It’s people like this that I encounter at ANTHC who really make this a great place to work. I really appreciate the help Annette has given me and I hope I can return the favor someday. Thank you, Annette. To Annette in Accounting.
  • Respect
    • ANTHC’s EpiCenter staff recently transitioned from being entirely WFH to working in the office one to two days per week. This transition required a lot of logistical considerations, including taking stock of existing supplies and ordering new equipment as needed. When an employee was unable to locate an appropriate desk chair, both Weather and Kirsten graciously and generously volunteered their own office chairs without hesitation. This kind of compassion and respect for others is thankfully commonplace around CHS, but deserves to be recognized nevertheless. Thank you both for being awesome! To Kirsten in the Strategy and Innovation Office.
  • Teamwork:
    • Sara answered my plea for help at 10pm on a Friday night when we had 3 new travel nurses arrive on shift with no access to the med rooms or the medication pyxis. Her help facilitated patient care and the ability of nurses to do their jobs without having to wait to ask another nurse to pull all of their meds for them. Thank you Sara, for addressing this safety issue and using your skills to allow others to do their jobs for the benefit of our customer-owners. You are appreciated. To Sara in Pharmacy Inpatient.
    • I had an unplanned urgent desktop request and Krystal jumped right in to help. She was very helpful and resolved the issue right away. There is so much inter-dependency between departments and often projects can be delayed without the assistance of others. Krystal’s willingness to dive in and help is the kind of teamwork that fosters productivity, which in turn benefits the overall health of the organization. To Krystal in IT Operations- Systems.