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No changes to ANTHC Universal Masking policy

December 8th, 2021 by Fiona Brosnan

The Anchorage Assembly voted to end Anchorage‚Äôs mask mandate but ANTHC will not be not making any changes to our universal masking policy at this time. Masks continue to be required to be worn by all staff in all ANTHC buildings and property to protect the health and safety of our staff, patients and visitors.

Reminder: face coverings continue to be required when in all ANTHC and ANMC property:

  • Indoors in any common areas, including when entering and exiting any building, hallway, stairway, restroom, elevator, conference room, or break room, when not eating or drinking. A 6-foot physical distance between people is required when eating or drinking.
  • Indoors in any cubicles.
  • Indoors in any offices, conference rooms, vehicles, or other shared workspaces when two or more people are in the space.
  • Outdoors when keeping a 6-foot distance from others may not be possible.
  • Visitors and patients need to wear a mask at all times and practice proper hand hygiene before entering and exiting all patient rooms.

Clinical staff working in patient care areas should continue to wear the appropriate hospital-approved PPE for patient care.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping keep each other and our patients healthy.