PPE operational level continues to be GREEN/conventional: no more extended wear

Masking continues to be required in patient care areas.

Please review the PPE Hazard Assessment for COVID-19 (updated 4/6/22) for the appropriate PPE for patient care.

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Policy and procedure updates: drug diversion prevention, universal masking, genetic testing and transmission-based isolation precautions have been updated; Intrastate Travel for Healthcare During COVID has been retired

May 26th, 2022 by Ginnie Occhipinti

The following procedures have been recently updated:

  • Drug Diversion Prevention Procedure: Changes to the procedure include changing “controlled substance” to “medication” and adding “non-controlled medications;” deleting ANTHC, SCF, and HR from 4.1; and editing department titles for accuracy and clarity.
  • Universal Masking Policy: Changes to the procedure include updating language about medical-grade masks to state that staff must wear medical-grade masks (cloth masks are not allowed). Patients are encouraged to wear medical-grade masks, but cloth masks will be accepted. All masks must be well-fitting.
  • Genetic Testing Procedure: This procedure supersedes the Genetic Testing Informed Consent Procedure #101.16. It defines the process by which ANMC refers a patient to a geneticist or genetic counselor when an ANMC health care provider determines that a patient or patient’s family member may be at increased risk for a disease or disorder due to a hereditary genetic mutation, or that DNA analysis is otherwise appropriate for the patient. A patient informed consent form and a process workflow are attached to the procedure.
  • Transmission-Based Isolation Precautions: Transmission-Based Isolation Precautions are to be used in addition to Standard Precautions for patients with documented or suspected infection or colonization with highly transmissible or epidemiologically-important pathogens for which additional precautions are needed to prevent transmission.

In addition to the above updated policies, the following policy has been retired:

  • The Intrastate Travel for Healthcare During the COVID-19 Pandemic Procedure #501-07 has been retired. Existing protocols for medically necessary escorts, screening questions on campus, and testing when required by the home community will be used in absence of this policy.

All policies are available here (best used in Chrome or Edge browsers) or the Ethics and Compliance SharePoint site. This update should replace any previous procedure you may have printed or posted in your department.

If you have questions regarding policy or procedure updates, please discuss with your supervisor, Human Resources at 907-729-1301 or Ginnie Occhipinti, Policies and Procedures Manager at 729-1971 or gmocchipinti@anthc.org