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Regional Liaison and Patient Advocate Information Lists

August 3rd, 2022 by Jenni Harrison

Have a patient that needs extra assistance? Here are two lists of people who may be helpful to point patients to if you are asked.

The Patient Advocate Contact Information List: The list of patient advocates that are here on campus and/or off-campus nearby that are employed by our Tribal Partners to serve our shared patients.  Many of them do rounding with in-patients and go to specialty clinic appointments with patients.

Regional ANTHC Liaison Directory: The list of regional liaisons that are employed by ANTHC to work inside of our Tribal Partners’ facilities around the State.  They reach out to patients with upcoming appointments at ANMC’s Specialty Clinics to make sure the patient knows about their appointment, has their travel information, confirmed their lodging and knows where the clinic is located.

Both of these sheets are sorted by the name of the Tribal Partner.  If you only know which community a patient is from, you can find out which Tribal Partner serves that community by using this site:  http://aka-bi-web1/reportsportal/pages/tho-city-lookup.aspx  If the Tribal Partner comes up as “Anchorage Service Area” and you would like to know more about which Tribal Partner serves which communities within the Anchorage Service Area, please reach out to Jenni Harrison at