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Safety reminder: Quantros Reporting

February 21st, 2020 by Fiona Brosnan

It is a priority to keep safety protocols in place on campus and provide a safe environment for the health of employees, patients, visitors.  If there is an incident or accident on campus , please remember that ANTHC uses the program Quantros to report the incident.  The site allows for a Guest or Anonymous reporting.  Quantros should be used in situations where a fall/slip or an unsafe environment has been identified.  

If you witness an incident you can submit the report. A few reasons why it is good to submit a report, initially after a fall the person may brush it off but a few days later may experience pain and may need to seek medical care.  Submitting a report creates a record of the event, it also gives our safety and facilities teams a heads up that it may be an environmental factor that caused an incident or accident. There is no harm in creating a safety report,  in some cases we have had several employees slip in a particular part of the path and facilities was able to put gravel down.  

To locate the Quantros Incident/Accident Reporting Link, click on the Hub and navigate to the icon under Shortcuts (or you can bookmark the link).  

If an employee is injured while working, a Quantros report is required.  Attached is the Injury Reporting Poster – there are a few more steps if it is an employee injured while working.