PPE operational level continues to be GREEN/conventional: no more extended wear

Masking is required in all buildings on campus.

Please review the PPE Hazard Assessment for COVID-19 (updated 4/6/22) for the appropriate PPE for patient care.

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Meghan Saramak
Intensive Care Unit Critical Care Unit

CCU Nurse Meghan is doing a great job in delivering outstanding quality care, respect and patience. Thank you.

1 — Emma
Karen Brown

As an Energy Group Senior Project Manager, Karen has pulled my bacon out of the fire twice in the last month, both times working quickly, thoroughly and with total professionalism. The first time to address funder questions, issues and concerns with our $5 million grant proposal and the second time to support a $1 million grant award. She impressed the funders Environmental Protection Specialist, new in his position, with her deep and comprehensive knowledge of the processes and willingness to work within his requests. Karen is a huge asset to our organization and essential to our group’s success.

1 — James Fowler
Karen Gutierrez

She is amazing very helpful ! I new but she has been very informative since been here going on a month. Her ideals are very commemorative and should be a supervisor!

0 — Christopher Kalmakoff
Margaret Martin
Care Coordination

Margaret has great interdepartmental team work and is always willing to assist Admitting Front Desk when a Admitting team member isn’t available. Thank you Margaret!

0 — Erica Mejia
Lucas Fisher
Medicaid Travel Office

Lucas is always pleasant with patients and other team members. He is always willing to assist the Admitting Front Desk when an Admitting staff member isn’t available. His willingness to to help others to make sure the patients are taken care of as quickly as possible is top notch.

0 — Erica Mejia
Amelia Carney
Emergency Department

While working in a trauma room, Amelia jumped in to help with a patient that was acutely ill. She was open to feedback and direction asking appropriate questions when she did not know, completing tasks in a timely manner with a critically ill patient. Amelia has shown strong interest in becoming a competent/strong ER nurse.

2 — Sean Fisher
Janet Glen Wilson

Anytime I have reached out to Janet she has always been very responsive. Recently I was up against a grant closure deadline and she helped me get the documentation I needed to close out the grant. When we are dependent on others to complete tasks and are not able to get the help needed, it is so nice to be able to reach out to someone like Janet who will do her best to help. I know she probably has a heavy workload but she has always been friendly and willing to help. I truly appreciate her and cannot express how much I value being able to reach out to her when needed.

0 — Lore Olson
Valerie Wansor
Day Surgery

Val was an invaluable preceptor when I first started here in Day Surgery. However, she continues to be a wealth of knowledge when I need it. Never does she hesitate to offer guidance and tips when appropriate. She always has time for my questions, give thorough answers and even goes out of her way to demonstrate techniques when needed. She checks in with her peers regularly to make sure they are doing okay or to see if they need help. Val is very easy to work with and a well respected, unofficial leader in our department.

2 — Carmon Annis
Jessica Hiney
Pharmacy Inpatient

Jessica always goes above and beyond to help with medication questions and help make safer choices for our patients, we are fortunate to have her as part of our ED team.

2 — Sara Stout
Anne Cole
Orthopedics Inpatient 4 West

Anne really went out of her way to maximize throughput by facilitating transfers of subacute patients to more appropriate levels of care, making room on the unit to accept admits of acutely ill patients from ER and PACU. Great teamwork, Anne, you are much appreciated!!!

0 — Justin McGraw
Cameron Carter
Medicaid Travel Office

Cameron’s ability to both speak and understand Yupik fluently helps his Team more than one may comprehend. Patients come in from small villages and the city can be overwhelming. With ANMC’s numerous past expansions it can be hard to navigate the campus for patients who haven’t come in recent years. Cameron is able to talk to patients and escorts in Yupik to help them know where to go and I think this gives them comfort and makes them feel more at ease being here at ANMC. Cameron is always ready to greet patients with the biggest smile that you can see even through his mask. He has a huge aura of kindness which makes him perfect to be in the frontline greeting patients wherever he is stationed.

1 — Danielle Shavings
Alizenet Amador
Data Infrastructure

Last week on Tuesday and Wednesday (5/10 and 5/11/22), Alizenet was up early (appx 2am AK!) and was monitoring activities. Two days in a row she detected issues, triaged and analyzed the issue, and provided an intervention based on the information available to her. Tuesday in particular was sensitive, happening on the same day as the previously-planned upgrade for Pop Analyzer.

Thanks to her early intervention and attentiveness to detail, we were able to restore/catch up loads well before business hours began and allowed us to continue focusing on the remaining issues of the day.

1 — Eric Wiener
Jeff Harmon

Thank you for maintaining good communication with the PT department. We all love that you come by and dialogue with us with pt updates. You go above and beyond. This gesture does not go unnoticeable.

0 — Marylanz Erwin
Cameron Sanders

My patient writes: “tech was awesome” about Cameron, thank you for all you do Cameron!

0 — Christina Darby
Kimly Sonekhiao
Human Resources

We have had a busy month of recruitment with three positions we had to fill in a challenging jobs market. Despite this, we were able to fill all three positions and entire process has gone off very smoothly. Largely this is due to Kimly’s organizational and communication skills. She has been wonderful to work with and always makes time to answer questions or join in an impromptu discussion when we need help. I really appreciate having such courteous and capable support from HR.

1 — Mike Brubaker
Ashley Schaber
Pharmacy Inpatient

BBAHC asked me to recognize the after-hours pharmacy team. Since I cannot send a Rave to a team, I am sending this to Ashley Schaber to share with her team. BBAHC said “the after-hours pharmacy team is really good and helpful. It is so nice to be able to talk to a pharmacist right away in the middle of the night. We appreciate how they will help us with med calculations and how there are no stupid questions.” I greatly appreciate how the after-hours pharmacy team is helping the BBAHC staff members not feel alone. The Alaska Tribal Health System (ATHS) is all one team and the after-hours pharmacy team has demonstrated that they really believe that it takes all of us to reach our vision of “Alaska Native people are the healthiest people in the world”. Good Job Pharmacy!

0 — Jenni Harrison
Sharon Futch
Emergency Department

Sharon is always prepped to receive chief complaint when EMS tones! She post the complaint on the whiteboard promptly which is wonderful for alerting registration and the primary nurse that a patient is arriving. Sharon is always willing to help with flow in the department within her scope which is invaluable in the fast paced ED. Thank you.

1 — Janie Hamilton
Scott Schneider
Pharmacy Outpatient

Scott always touches base with Outpatient pharmacy over the weekend to ensure that discharges and everything else is running smoothly! He also provides us with pep-talks and music to get us pumped up to properly serve our customers! We appreciate everything you do over there! Thanks!

1 — Michael Lee
Daisy Karasti
Alaska Native Epidemiology Center

Daisy went the extra mile in assisting me with a new travel authorization system and approval process in an impressively short turnaround time. Thank you, Daisy!

0 — Annette Marley
Dylan Coxen
Pharmacy Outpatient

A huge shout out to Dylan! He stayed an hour past his closing shift to cover in the ED as the pharmacist was stuck in traffic on the Glenn due to the huge car accident on Friday night. Thank you Dylan for being such a great team player! You rock!

1 — Angelina Lovell
Taneisha McComb
Safety and Environmental Management


I can not thank you enough for listening to our concerns and responding so quickly to the bed bug issues on the 5th floor. You were amazing and a great wealth of information. I realize this was your weekend and time off but the staff are so appreciative of your care and patience in coming in. Thank you for spending so much time to assess, inspect and educate our floor. The staff felt heard and that they mattered to our organization. Your education was invaluable to myself and everyone involved. You rocked it!

1 — Tara Ogden
David Good

BBAHC asked me to recognize Dr. David Good as one of ANMC’s rock stars. They said “he is always nice and helpful”. Whenever they see that he is coming for a Cardiology Field Clinic, they are excited. I greatly appreciate Dr. Good’s efforts towards reaching our goal of providing care as close to home as possible. Cardiology Field Clinics are appreciated by our Tribal Partner, BBAHC!

0 — Jenni Harrison
Glenn Lau
Analytics and Reporting

I just wanted to take a moment to recognize Glenn’s outstanding work to help our team design and implement portfolio management processes in just a few short months. He’s done an excellent job working with each team member to marry his experience with our team’s collective knowledge and advance a set of tools and processes that we are all excited about. Today, we piloted our first enterprise prioritization meeting and it’s just awesome to see all of Glenn’s work coming together to give us the input and transparency we need to ensure we are working on the highest value projects for ANTHC and our partners. Thank you, Glenn! You are such a great addition to our team! Appreciatively, Heidi

0 — Heidi Wailand
William Brown
Patient Financial Services

There are some people that we can just depend on for certain things… Thank you Bear for being my go to for so many things around the office. I very much appreciate your willingness to jump in and assist with anything/anytime.

0 — Ginamarie Struble
Jeff Harmon

I really appreciate that Jeff comes down to the PT dept before the weekend to check in with PT and update on the ortho pt’s scheduled for over the weekend. Thanks!

1 — Catherine Coward
Erica Mejia

Thank you Erica for your willingness to help! Your communication is always timely and pleasant, you don’t hesitate to jump in and get things done. You are much appreciated!

1 — Ginamarie Struble
Laura Mullin
Day Surgery

Laura always does above and beyond to meet the needs of anmc and having OR service available day or night for the patients and staff of anmc. She often comes in after hours to make sure things are running safe and promptly. I appreciate how diligent she is and how she always has a can do attitude. Thank you for all you do in your role to keep anmc giving the highest level of care possible!

0 — Evaleen
Philip Martin

BBAHC asked me to recognize Dr. Philip Martin’s hard work. They said that he is a rock star. He really helps them with Ophthalmology patients. Whenever they see that he is coming for a Eye Field Clinic, they are excited. I greatly appreciate Dr. Martin’s efforts towards reaching our goal of providing care as close to home as possible. Eye Field Clinics are appreciated by our Tribal Partner, BBAHC.

0 — Jenni Harrison
Blunka Ishnook

During environmental rounds it was discovered the tile in the ICU Dialysis room was compromised and required immediate attention. The team came up and assessed the situation and made quick plans. The work began on Monday and the room was completed and back to us for use in record time.
the new vinyl floor they placed is really great! Appreciated the collaboration and team work to get it finished and turned back over. The work completed is high quality and will last for years to come!
Thank you!!

1 — Jacque
Laura Zurczak
Medical Surgical 5 West

Another provider and I had to do a couple of bedside procedures on an inpt for whom Laura was the RN. Laura was very helpful to us and the patient: gathering supplies, giving medication and emotional support to the patient during the procedures. She is a great asset and much appreciated!

0 — Amalia Steinberg