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myHero: who we’re raving about

Vanessa Bean

Supply Chain

Your credit card training was great! The training you delivered was concise with the right amount of detail. I appreciated …


Kristen Mitchell

Alaska Native Epidemiology Center

Thank you so much NCC team for all of your help with the GHWIC Gathering. From planning and logistics to …


Praveen Lazer

Data Infrastructure

Praveen has been an invaluable asset to me as I have navigated my new team this past year. He knows …


Richard Ochoa

Procurement and Contracting

Richard helped us when a vendor came in with a late-breaking discount on a contract. In the face of an …


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JC readiness tips: damage, dents and other defects

JC Readiness Tips are a way for staff to help prepare for ANMC's upcoming Joint Commission survey. Check out these tips weekly and see how you can help ANMC prepare!

2023 Missing Lead/Shields List for ANTHC Campus

The Joint Commission requires health care organizations to perform an annual inspection of all lead and radiation protection devices-aprons, gloves, gonadal and thyroid shields. Items on this list are noncompliant and considered out of service until inspected by radiology.

Hip-Hip Hooray for HIPAA! Safeguarding PHI

We are all expected to protect patients’ health information (PHI) in accordance with HIPAA privacy and security rules. Did you know that the largest and most frequent breaches of patient information are caused by stolen laptops and thumb drives?

ANMC Conference Rooms 1 and 2 unavailable until Nov. 17

Pharmacy and Pyxis are working to replace all Pyxis machines on the Alaska Native Health Campus. From Sept. 11-Nov. 17, ANMC Conference Rooms 1 and 2 are closed for staging of the new Pyxis devices.

Community Health Aide Program is seeking volunteer blood draw patients in Sept.

The ANTHC Community Health Aide Program Training Center is looking for volunteers who are interested in spending 15 minutes with us to help train Community Health Aides (CHAs), by giving the CHAs an opportunity to draw your blood.

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month: Week 3 activity

To honor September as Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, we ask ANTHC staff to join weekly activities promoting mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellness. After completing the weekly activity, visit and complete a survey for a chance to win $100 in Amazon gift cards. Participation is open to all Alaska residents so share it with family and friends!

September is Sepsis Awareness Month: Week 3, How does ANMC compare?

Learn about Sepsis Awareness Month during September with weekly informative updates, options for continuing education credits, and more!

Microsoft 365: Get to know the Teams App and enroll in training to learn more!

HIT will be introducing some of the less familiar Microsoft Office 365 applications, this week learn about Teams.

Training and Development department releases September 2023 schedule

The Training and Development department releases the September 2023 schedule of professional development classes and trainings available to ANTHC staff.

JC Readiness Tips: storing needles and syringes

Joint Commission (JC) Readiness Tips are a way for staff to help prepare for ANMC's upcoming Joint Commission survey. Check out these tips weekly and see how you can help ANMC prepare!

myHero Most Liked Raves

myHero is an electronic tool to help encourage employees to recognize their colleagues from across campus who are exemplifying our behavior standards in big and small ways. This allows staff to recognize their peers for being great coworkers, going above and beyond and recognizing a job well done. They also show up in the Performance Appraisal tool in myHR!

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